Grim or Grab: Crashlands


Because F@$% Space

A giant space head just blew up my ship and now I am cold and stranded on an alien planet with nothing but a witty robot box who stands in place of a generic tutorial. If Crashlands was bred and had not just crawled out of the indie dev primordial ooze this is how I would break it down. Add one part Terraria, add a dash of Borderlands, sprinkle with that annoying voice over dude from Wildstar and slam in Don’t Starve without even spitting on it.


Click away tiny dancer

Crashlands combines crafting, ARPG elements, and building in a bright cartoony landscape. I was initially skeptical and didn’t think it would hold my attention long enough to even get to the point of writing this. I was wrong though. Crashlands does a very good job of stringing you along and giving that loot satisfaction ARPG players yearn for, but not to the extreme of the likes of Diablo 3 or Path of Exile. It supplies random crafting recipes as drops. Smack out a Wommpit and get a recipe for a new chair. Stuff like that. The weapons are crafted, and it seems to be RNG to which stats and quality whatever you are nailing together procure. Below is my board with nails. It’s really good at bamming things (Credit to my 3 yr old son for the word bamming).


Here you can see where I get that Borderlands vibe

Oh and there are quests, which even though light-hearted and goofy had me feeling for a group of winged fly looking things that had also been wronged by the giant space head. It again kept me in the game and was a nice aside from the tedium that becomes of any game of this type. That tedium is what I look for in these kind of games though. The mindless slog of building a homestead. Though being able to add in a bit of a pick me up in the form of a mid grade progression satisfies the itch.



Quality of life things like telepads also make this game great for dropping in and getting something accomplished quickly. This was particularly useful after completing a quest and dodging the time spent getting back to the turn in point. Also having a bottomless inventory makes me warm and fuzzy inside knowing I wont be spending most my playtime dragging to and fro.



Dying isn’t that bad. You drop all your gathered goods but it is easy to eat some Baconweed (a over time health potion) and corpse run back to your gravestone. Trying not to die is fun though and I felt as though I wasn’t forced into combat.  It was enough of a challenge when I made it an option and I needed to pay attention in the more difficult fights.

20160620235554_1.jpg Crafting is a breeze to handle and a multitude of stations provide different tools and materials to achieve a home base worthy of a purple god such as myself. As you can see above the beginning of my…well its a start. Oh and I found a egg and crafted a nest which hatched said egg and gave me a pet. It fights for me and does whatever I tell it to. As long as whatever consists of go there or come here. I like pets. Nuff said.

The Verdict

Crashlands is a great detour from the main strip with its great art style and its immature swagger. It does what it sets out to do and it does it very well with a few chuckles squished in. I am not going to stay Grim on Crashlands. So if you are on the fence I say Grab It.

Crashlands is available for PC on Steam  and also for IOS and Android. On a side note I hear there is cross save compatibility between PC and mobile versions but I wont fork over another 7 bucks to test this out. Let me know in the comments if you have.

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