MMO Monday: Hero no more


A blade of woe

Disclaimer: Contains mild spoilers of intro quest content of the Dark Brotherhood DLC.

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Greetings again from the Grimcanuck with another addition of MMO Monday. This week I will continue to look at The Elder Scrolls Online. As you may have noticed if you have been following since the beginning, I tend to lose focus and bounce around a bit. I blame this on too much TV as a child. Anyways that’s me and here I go again.


The Gold Coast is the new addition to the map

As I had just began my new adventure in the frigid landscape of Orsinium, I was just getting used to the new tone and setting. This is when I remembered seeing something about the new DLC The Dark Brotherhood and how you could add poison to your blade. Sweet, awesome, gigitty-giggity-goo, who doesn’t want shit on you killing stick that makes the damage tick a bit faster. Well I do, so I say lets do this in the name of science and stuff.


Check your conscience at the door

I accepted the intro quest to the DLC and I was off in no time to the Gold Coast. A somewhat drab and muted landscape only to be painted red by all comers. I say this because right out the gate it holds no punches and those punches are with knives. Bodies strewn about as players sneak around vying for attention of the sinister group of assassins known as the Dark Brotherhood. The intro quest was brief but to the point. Go kill an innocent person and you may get a tap from the Brotherhood. I was actually shocked. This in my opinion gates the content, not based on level nor skill but on moral compass. Hold up, I am going to jump in before, “OMFG GTFO its just a game bruh!”. Yes it is just a game but it is a MMORPG and that RPG means role playing game. For me personally I like the freedom of ESO and being able to dart around like a body snatcher on uppers. For others who take more time to develop their characters story and have a set of rules or a disposition a character takes on, it can be  difficult to take this plunge.


Press X for blood

If you do take this plunge though it can be a bit gruesome. You are given a new skill which when triggered queues a kill animation which varies randomly. It was kind of unnerving how I viewed my character as a do-gooder less that 30 minutes ago and now was a thieving, murderous, maniac. I will admit though with some disgust in myself, I wanted to keep going. Part of me said, “come on man, this isn’t you”, the other screamed like a good Slayer album, “die mother f*#$er”. Damn that’s dark, but true and I hope it gets my point across. The Dark Brotherhood DLC is not for the faint of heart. There are no unicorns in this fairytale, just blades and bros.


Entrance to the dark side

I am unsure if I will pursue my quest bathed in blood. I am intrigued though and feel as though this DLC should be more of a player choice at character creati0n. Having to stumble across this with an established character might be off putting. The actions you are required to carry out had great bearing on my feelings and thoughts on who I perceive myself as in the game. The identity crisis and confusion was temporary for myself but I feel as though it may return when I jump back and forth between storylines. Only time will tell as I forge forth with my now twisted hero. Until next week I am a sick bastard, yours truly the Grimcanuck.

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