We could be Heroes


Roll again!

Kings and Heroes has dropped into the Steam early access ball pit of horrors and its kinda fun. A first person procedurally generated dungeon crawler at the moment, Kings and Heroes is set in the fantasy world of Everdale. You hack, slash and spam much magic in your quest to complete surprisingly difficult dungeons that are ever changing thanks to Industry Games on the fly level generator tech.

You are first dropped into a D&D style character creator where rolls determine starting stats and you can choose to be every shade of good or evil imaginable to flesh out your character. Aesthetically the character creator and the characters created by it are nice and show a good amount of polish this early in the development.  A variety of starting races with your generic holy trinity class system round out the creator which set the tone for the game well.


Sword smoking as intended



The grouping and social systems are functional and I had no problems adding friends and joining groups


When you first set foot in Everdale you are placed in a small town and social hub. It contains all the amenities of your usual MMORPG fare. An inn that was packed with player characters sitting on bar stools and around tables forming groups and chatting over the in game VOIP. It gave me a sense of community I have not experienced in a game in some time. Within my first couple minutes in Everdale I was invited to a group of wanna be heroes just like myself. Our fearless leader queued us up for a dungeon and we were off. Now the sound and the particle effects in the current state of the game do make it hard to A.) Hear when your fellow man/woman is talking using the in game chat and B.) See what the hell is happening with a ass ton of spells going off. Those things aside a foundation to a great game is here and it’s quite solid. I was loot mongering within minutes and seeing progression almost instantaneously. I threw away my Champions shield and placed another sword in its place and went to work. Now we didn’t actually finish any dungeon or cave. We usually died horribly. I was finding that our deaths were mostly a product of just YOLOing shit or not realizing we just pulled a boss until it was too late. We got better eventually as we fell into our roles as tank, healer, and dps. I got a new skill to taunt enemies which helped when I could land it and my group members worked frantically to keep me alive while kiting mobs I couldn’t grab up. We finally got tired and called it a night, but fun was had and the social experience was easy and painless to acquire.


You can track group members through walls as they are outlined in green.



Kings among men

I have only touched on the surface here because I never even left the starting city. Apparently there is an open world to explore as well. Enemy AI has been turned off there to boost performance its dungeon content. Like all Early Access games buyer beware because you never know. So far though the devs have been very open and have pushed out patches daily. Lets hope it stays that way.

If you are looking for a Diablo like loot system with Skyrim like combat with a world feel much like Darkfall Online then this may be worth your $30 on Steam. I am going to keep my nose in the door so stay tuned for more impressions as I continue to play Kings and Heroes.


Champion of the graveyard






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