MMO Monday: A return to Tamriel


It has been sometime since I logged into TESO. It was shortly after launch when I either lost interest or more likely didn’t have time for it. I recently decided things have settled enough around here to sink my teeth into an MMO. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is now B2P with a membership option. ESO also has a growing catalog of DLC which is yours for the taking with the ESO Plus membership. It is also attainable with Crowns via the Crown store, ESO’s cash shop. I will on the DLC at a later date as I am starting fresh with a new character and am in no rush. My goal here is to enjoy the game. I set some ground rules for myself.

1. Listen to or read the quests.

2.Do not loot everything in sight. (I tend to think if I can pick it up I must have it)

3. Take time to explore.

4. Find some people in game to play with

5. Listen to or read the quests, JUST DO IT!


Lots of pretty

What’s Better

OK so there is Grimcanuck. Well a medieval bad ass who wields a sword version. Beautiful is all I can say. It could just be me but it seems as though the game has had a little bit of work done to it on the visual side of things. I remember my initial reaction after launch was one of mild disappointment. It just seems shinier now. Shiny is good and so is fluidity and movement in an action combat game, ESO has definitely improved here. My sword swings seem to transition between skills quite well, but still seem a little clunky going from melee to a cast skill. Understandable I would like to see anybody smoothly swing a sword while pulling a fireball out of their ass. Ass balls of fire aside I am impressed and wish this would have been the game I had encountered at launch. Onward!


Swords and lightning generally don’t mix

Story Time

So I am one of those guys usually who spams through the quest text and could care less to why he is slaughtering a bunch of elves on a beach. See rule 1 and 5. This is one thing that I have now kicked myself for doing with my initial honeymoon with ESO. I realize at least in the early game that it has enough going for it story wise to keep me on my toes. I find my self caring why I am slaughtering these elves. I won’t spoil it but I am also made to choose between letting someone live or die. I am curious if my choices will have impact in the story down the road. This remains to be seen. One character that describes himself as a simple khajiit Razum-dar is particularly intriguing. It is nice to have that feeling of wanting to see what the story holds rather than watching an experience bar fill.

Crown College


I could have bought the wedding dress

Before we get to far along I also wanted to have a brief look at the crown store and ESO Plus. The crown store offers a variety of things from DLC to vanity pets. It seems to my layman eyes the only advantage that can be bought is XP scrolls, inventory and mount upgrades. This doesn’t bother me one bit because who cares if buddy got there quicker, I am taking the slow lane. So I had some crowns left in my wallet from the B2P transition and my ESO Plus sub I plopped down. I bought a three pack of skins that was on sale for 700 crowns. I do like the variety of skins but it does take away from that sense of accomplishment from earning cool gear in-game. That brings me to ESO Plus which is you standard 14.99 USD a month mmo subscription price. With it you get 1500 crowns a month, access to all DLC, and 10% bonus to XP ,gold gain, crafting research and inspiration. I had to look it up but inspiration is crafting XP. So far so good, I saw no real P2W and it walks the line rather nimbly. I can see myself buying a mount or two but I don’t know how pressured I will be to buy quality of life items such as inventory, time will tell.

New Beginnings

It is always nice to return to a place to see it has changed for the better or has become closer to what you have always envisioned it. ESO has done that in my opinion. I want to log back in right now and see how I can assist the Queen and her simple khajiit Razum-dar. I still have many questions that I hope to start to answer next week. First of which is group content at low levels and how accessible is it for a new or returning player. I am going to try to stick this out for as long as it holds my attention. Check back in next MMO Monday for a look at how life is looking in Tamriel with the Grimcanuck.


Am I ESO’s drunken uncle?

 Continue with part 2 Digesting DLC





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