Missing the mark?

Landmark is still a thing and it is launching June 10th. I originally bought the founders pack off steam way back when it was first offered and EQ Next was still a thing. It has sat in the rotting pit that is my steam library until now. Today I look at what Landmark is shaping up too look like for its official release.

Character Creation

Out of the gate I am initially pleased with the character models and the 3 choices you have for a starting outfit. I am less impressed with the level of customization though. No real height slider just big and bigger and 6 faces if you include both genders. It does offer up a fair amount of hair and beard options though. All said and done I settle on the SciFi gear and move on.


Fantasy Gear


Western Gear




SciFi Gear


Feet on the ground

As I am dropped in to my new playground an epic stringed symphony sets the mood just right for my first crash to desktop. Lets try this again. Well as I return I realize the UI scaling at 4K will make this a tall order to grasp tutorial, so I go to adjust the resolution to one that scales better with Landmark. Yup you guessed it, another crash. Being still in beta I can forgive for now. Just going to have to squint. OK back in game. As I make my first few steps atop my fresh new claim I am greeted by some serious lag and some graphical glitches and then another crash. With that I am off to look at some forums to see if its on my end. Well unfortunately it seems I am not the only one with issues.

Real Talk

So Landmark has some bugs to squash. With a release date set in less than two weeks from now I am beginning to think Daybreak has intentions outside of making a fun game to play. Even at a price of admission of $9.99 I would steer clear for now. I will make an update on launch day to see if any last minute heroics can change my mind or even show hope to a possible future for Landmark. With my founders pack I will be given a 48hr headstart so I should have an update before launch.

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