Head of Steam

“It’s a SALE!”, and now for my pavlovian response. Like a dog to a bell I clamor through the endless digital stack of games I either have never heard of before or had no interest in. At deals like this who can resist. Akin to the man/woman rifling through the bargain DVD bin at your local big box store I have no peripheral just a view to a kill.


It’s bad enough for the a lot of us with the steady stream of highly hyped content and now highly hyped incomplete games via early access. It seems Steam is habit forming, and not in a healthy way. Many will yell, “Have some self control man!”, but I am beyond that.

I am beginning to realize like a number of things marketed to my age group, nostalgia is what is getting me. I am from a time where the internet was non existent. Where purchasing a game meant walking into a “mom and pop” shop and asking the man behind the counter what was cool and then inspecting the back of each box to work towards a decision. Where gamers now debate about the validity of their purchases on forums was then me and my brother humming and hawing over the flashy graphics and clever wording on the box. Many a times regrets were had, blood was spilled and tears were shed over particularly hard decisions. Those regrets are still there, the blood being my ever dwindling bank account, and the tears I splatter this blog, the reddits and forums of the net with.


There is something oddly comforting, like a warm blanket when skimming through a summer sale that I get nowhere else in this world. It’s sick I know. Am I alone probably not.

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