4K Ready…or not?

Well it seems like I am behind the times again. I read today that Sharp is offering an 8K TV to the masses. Well that is if you have 133K in your budget. This pales in comparison to my new pc monitor which is a measly 4K. Today I am going to look at how seamless my jump to 3840 x 2160 has been. To do this I am going to look at 2 new games that just hit the streets this week, Overwatch and Total War: Warhammer. I will be looking at many things from UI scaling to optimization and ease of use at 4K. Now to show you what I am working with.

The Details


20160526_130214The monitor: 28″ Acer XB280HK UHD 4K2K G-Sync

CPU: i5 6700K @Stock

RAM: DDr4 2666 16G

Graphics: SLI MSI GTX 980 GAMING 4G

The Games

Total War: Warhammer


Having never played a Total War game in my life I was lost at first especially when I set the res to glorious 4k. The developers failed to think of my entitled 30 something ass. No UI scaling. This means that the game does look phenomenal but I cannot read the text and no its not just because I am old. This was a let down having to knock back the res to non native 1440p or even 1080p to make out the tutorial text and all the other little things that make this game tick. UI scaling has probably been my biggest gripe so far with 4K. It was quite the shock that a game that boasts technology advancements like upcoming DX12 support doesn’t scale its UI to 4k. Other than that the typical things like waiting for driver and SLI support plague this game. In the end though it really is a blast and I soon forget about the resolution problems.



On the other end of the spectrum we have Overwatch. If you don’t know Overwatch is Blizzards new “digital crack” arena shooter that reminds me of Team Fortress 2 and this is why I love it. I also love it because on top of being fun and easy to pick up it is also optimized more than any other recent release I have played. I set it to 4k, cranked up the graphics and watched a frame rate that never even wobbled below 60. I really thought something was wrong, this could not be real. After hearing people scream how 4k gaming was so demanding and nothing short of SLI 980ti’s would give playable framerates, I was doing it and it looked unbelievable.

My Thoughts

Being an enthusiast is hard sometimes. Personally there is something about banging your head against the wall trying to eek the most out of your rig. I am beginning to think more and more though that this shouldn’t have to be. I need to think more about the game and not the resolution I play at. As I type that I laugh and say ya fucking right. All I can think about is playing TWW @ 4k. Anyways I am going to go drag forums and fill search bars in search of a work around or mod now.

Have fun in the fray folks!




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